Bondassage Experience by Melena

If you've thought about dipping your toes in the kinky waters but you're on the fence about seeing a Domme, I highly suggest looking into a Bondassage® session.

When I first received training by my wonderful trainer Connie she made me experience just ten minutes of the incredible sensations. As a true Dominant female, I do not like to be put in any submissive situation and I was apprehensive as I laid half naked on the comfortable massage table. Wireless headphones were placed on my ears with beautiful music and my sight was temporarily taken away with a soft, comfortable blindfold.

I trusted my trainer and my education of being aware of what my suitor might feel was very important as well. Different relaxing sensations were felt on my back and, for a short period of time, I was able to leave my mind and fully relax. This experience for me surpassed any massage that I have ever recieved.

All Practitioners are fully trained and certified in the Art of Bondassage. Creator Jaeleen Bennis designed the program that instructs and certifies individuals. I am so happy and excited that I can provide this wonderful sensual provocative session in New York City.

For anyone at a high stressed job I honestly and enthusiastically recommend Bondassage. The blindfold, as well as the music, are just two aspects of this next level massage experience. Book your session with me now and experience an erotic journey unlike any other.


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